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Class Schedule
25 February 2020


February 3
Lecture — “Gestalt, or Wholeness & Graphic Design”
Exercise — Vase/Face

February 10
Assignment 1
Project introduction and review of class tools
Lecture — “A Few Forms”
Reading — “Laws of Organization in Perceptual Forms,” Max Wertheimer

February 17
Assignment 1 continues
Group review of individual projects
Lecture — “Max Bill and Bezier Curves”
Reading — “Continuity and Change,” “Function and Gestalt,” Max Bill

February 24
Group review and pin-up of individual projects
Review, in-class critique (Assignment 1)
Lecture — “The Language of Visual Thinking”
Reading — “The Language of Vision,” from Language of Vision, Gyorgy Kepes, “Visual Thinking,” Rudolf Arnheim

February 26 7pm
February 27 5pm
Aftereffects workshops, 185 Nassau, 3rd floor computer room
Alyse Delaney, adelaney@princeton.edu

March 1/2/3
Field trip to Philadelphia Museum of Art to see exhibition
“Designs for Different Futures”
Reading — from Design Noir and Speculative Everything,
Fiona Raby, Anthony Dunne

March 10
Assignment 2
Lecture — “Currently in process . . .”
Demonstration — animated gifs
Reading — A Primer of Visual Literacy (excerpt), Donis A. Dondis, Interaction of Color (excerpt), Josef Albers

March 17
Spring break

March 24
Assignment 2 ends
Lecture — “After Effects (on Bruno Munari)”
Reading — “A Language of Signs and Symbols,” The Triangle (excerpt), Bruno Munari

March 31
Assignment 3 continues
Visiting designer — Barbara Glauber on Sister Corita Kent
Exercise — “We have no art, we do everything as well as we can.”

April 6
Visiting designer — Aarati Akkapeddi, https://aarati.me

April 7
Assignment 3 continues
Lecture — “Desktops, trashcans, and other assorted metaphors or Why computers look like this: On Muriel Cooper and Susan Kare”
Reading — “Swedish Campground,” on Susan Kare, “Muriel Cooper’s Visible Wisdom,” Janet Abrams

April 14
No class

April 21
Assignment 3 continues
Individual meetings and class discussion
Lecture — “ABC, IBM, NeXT”
Video — “The whole is more incredible than the sum of its parts.”
Reading — “The NeXT Logo” and “Intuition and Ideas,” Paul Rand, “G-e-s-t-a-l-t,” from The Serving Library

April 28
Assignment 3 ends
Final review

May 4
Final portfolio due by 1:30 pm


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