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Class Schedule
12 November 2018


September 17
Lecture — “Gestalt, or Wholeness & Graphic Design”
Exercise — Vase / Face

September 24
Assignment 1
Project introduction and review of class tools
Lecture — “A Few Forms”
Reading — “Laws of Organization in Perceptual Forms,” Max Wertheimer

October 1
Assignment 1 continues
Group review and pin-up of individual projects
Lecture — “Max Bill and Bezier Curves”
Reading — “Continuity and Change,” “Function and Gestalt,” Max Bill

October 8
No class

October 15
Small group critique
Lecture — “The Language of Visual Thinking”
Reading — “Visual Thinking,” Rudolf Arnheim

October 22
Assignment 2
Lecture — “Currently in process . . .”
Demonstration — animated gifs
Reading — A Primer of Visual Literacy (excerpt), Donis A. Dondis, Interaction of Color (excerpt), Josef Albers

October 29
Fall break

November 5
Assignment 2 ends
Review, in-class critique Assignment 1 (class)
Lecture — “After Effects (on Bruno Munari)”
Reading — “A Language of Signs and Symbols,” The Triangle (excerpt), Bruno MunarI

November 12
Assignment 3
Student presentations, RGB v CMY
Review Assignment 1/2 (small groups)
RadioLab Colors
In-class exercise

November 19
Assignment 3 continues
LISTEN: http://scratchingthesurface.fm/post/179609810385/98-alexander-tochilovsky

November 26
Individual meetings
Lecture — “Desktops, trashcans, and other assorted metaphors or Why computers look like this: On Muriel Cooper and Susan Kare”
Reading — “Swedish Campground,” on Susan Kare, “Muriel Cooper’s Visible Wisdom,” Janet Abrams
Individual meetings and class discussion
Lecture — “The NeXT Intuition”
Video — “The whole is more incredible than the sum of its parts.”
Reading — “The Next Logo” and “Intuition and Ideas,” Paul Rand

December 3
Assignment 3 continues
Individual meetings and class discussion
Lecture — “Global Branding”
Reading — “G-e-s-t-a-l-t,” from The Serving Library

December 10
Assignment 3 ends
Final review

January 7
Final portfolio due by 1:30 pm


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